Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Title: The Whisperer

author: Diane Hoh

Shae has a biology test coming up but didn't study nor does she feel like it. She goes to the office of her biology teacher, Dr.Stark, and takes the test to copy it. Shae doesn't realize that Dr. Stark has a video tape in her office and Shae is now on it. The next day Dr. Stark announces that she has looked at the video tape and saw who was on it. Dr. Stark didn't mention any names, but said "You know who you are". Shae freaks out and skips school for the day. After a few days she gets a phone call. Shae could barely hear what the whispering unknown voice was saying. Shae hears "I know what you did". Incoming calls keep arriving from this strange unfamiliar voice. Shae's friends ask her if she is okay. Replying that she's fine, Shae doesn't say anything about the whisperer. Shae feels a little suspicious when her friend Coop mentions the biology test. Feeling unsure, Shae thinks that he is the whisperer. Will Shae ever find out who the whisperer is? What will Dr. Stark do about the tape? Read The Whisperer to figure out this chilling mystery.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Sideway Stories from Wayside School

author:Louis Sachar

Mrs. Gorf wiggled her ears and stuck out her tongue and turned her students into apples. Mrs. Gorf places the apples on her desk and every day she eats one. These apples were the best apples she had ever eaten. When the bell rang the apples were upset because they know their parents were worried about them. The apples sat there all night and day on the desk. The children in Mrs. Gorf’s class try to get back at her for turning them into apples. Mrs. Gorf came to school the next day and the apples attacked her. Mrs. Gorf fell down, and they jumped on her. Read this book to find out what happened to Mrs. Gorf. Do you think the students will be turned back into kids?

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title: Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Poe

author: James Howe

In a pleasant little town there was a family called the Monroes. The Monroes are a normal family except for their pets, Harold and Howie the dogs, Chester the cat and Bunnicula. Bunnicula is a vegetable juice sucking vampire bunny. Pete Monroe sends a fan letter to his favorite writer M.T. Graves. Everything is fine until Pete receives back a note saying that M.T.Graves is coming to visit the Monroes. Chester becomes suspicious of the writer. M.T. Graves. He goes on the computer and discovers that Graves’s favorite animal is the piranha because it leaves no evidence. M.T. Graves comes to the Monroe’s home with his pet Edger Allan Crow. Bunnicula is missing. Chester says that Graves and Edger took Bunnicula. Harold and Howie think Chester is going crazy. Will Harold, Howie, and Chester find Bunnicula in time? Is M.T. Graves hiding something? To find out read this awesome mystery book.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Positive Andrew Comments

I choose Andrew as being positive and kind because he is always smiling and happy.

I think Andrew is positive because he never complains and is always kind because he is never mean to anyone.

I think the best thing to describe Andrew is kind because he is nice to others, even people he does not like.

Andrew is cooperative because he helps other students study spelling.

Andrew is kind because he helps students in the classroom. He is also polite to other students. He always wants to help people.

Caring. Andrew is a loving, kind guy to other people.

Positive. Andrew is always happy and says nice things to everyone.

Andrew is kind to everybody in the classroom.

I think Andrew is cooperative because he works very hard on his work with others.