Tuesday, October 23, 2007

title: Million dollar shot, The

author: Dan Gutman

A young boy, Eddie Ball, enters an exciting poem contest sponsored by George Finkle. Mr.Finkle owns a factory called Finkle's Foods. Eddie's mom and his friend Annie's dad just lost their jobs at Finkle's Foods. Eddie wins the contest! He wins tickets to New York City and a chance to win one million dollars. All Eddie Ball needs to do is make one foul shot at the New York Basketball Arena. Mr.Finkle is not happy to pay the one million dollars. Will Eddie make the million dollar shot? Will he lose his concentration? Will Finkle be able to trick Eddie to miss the foul shot? To find out read “The Million Dollar Shot”. This is a fun and groovy basketball book!

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title: Return of the king, The

author: J.R.R. Tolkien

During the medieval times in a faraway place, Frodo and Sam, hobbits, are holding a powerful, magical ring. If the orgs, villains, take the ring, their leader, Saruman, could rule the earth. Frodo and Sam are trying to go to Mordor, the Crack of Doom. Sam and Frodo have to throw the ring in to the fire to stop the orgs from coming. Golum, their guide, also wants to steal the ring from Frodo. Will Frodo and Sam succeed in their journey to destroy the ring? This book is interesting because there is a lot of action. If you like adventures, you are going to enjoy reading this book.

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title: Curse of the cobra, The

author: Gary Paulsen

Malcolm and Rick are friends. They are trying to figure out how the thief stole the beautiful jewel of King Kofren. The jewel was made of rubies and emeralds. It was worth a cool million. Malcolm and Rick rode their bikes to the old Mill to investigate. Malcolm and Rick are trapped in the mill and are trying to escape. The thief put two cobras in the mill to guard the it. Malcolm and Rick escape from the two cobras and ride away to get help. Find out the ending of this book by reading it for yourself. This is a good book because it’s an adventurous story and it has drama. It is also an interesting book because it’s a detective story. This book deserves five stars.

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title: Slumber party

author: Pike, Christopher

A group of six teenage girls, best friends in high school, go on a ski trip. Nell invites them to stay at her family’s winter ski lodge during the trip. About ten years have passed since their first slumber party together. Dana had held the party at her house. During the party they did a séance with an Ouija board. While having the séance, Nichole, Nell’s little sister, knocks over one of the candles in the circle. As the flames rose from the carpet Nichole caught fire. When the fire was out Nichole was pronounced dead. Ten years after Nicole died, Nell decided to have a get-together with her friends at her family’s ski lodge. Nell has different plans for the slumber party. While on one of the ski trails Dana disappears. Everyone, not knowing where Dana is, blame each other. A chilling mystery, unravel the many twists and turns of this breathtaking story.

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title: Bunnicula: a rabbit-tale of mystery,

author: Deborah and James Howe

One day the Monroes find a rabbit at the movies. They go home and take care of it. The rabbit's name is Bunnicula. Weird things are beginning to happen in the house. Bunnicula bites into a tomato and makes it turn white. He also gets out of his cage without even opening the door. Chester, the cat, and Harold, the dog, are trying to find out if Bunnicula could be a vampire. Chester and Harold wear garlic around their necks to protect themselves. Find out how they solve Bunnicula's mysterious deeds. This is a good book to read because it is interesting and a thriller story.

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