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Thursday, March 13, 2008

title:The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

author: Kate DiCamillo

Once there was a rabbit made of china, his name was Edward Tulane. He was owned by a young girl name Abilene. Edward was treated like part of the family. One unfortunate day the Tulane family went on a cruise. As soon as Abilene set Edward on a lounge chair, two boys decided to throw Edward around. Then one of the boys threw him over board. Edward sank to the bottom of the ocean and remained there for months. Till one day a storm began to make the water churn. It lifted Edward off the ocean floor and he was caught by a fisherman’s net. The fisherman thought that Edward would make a nice gift for his wife because she was feeling depressed. Where is Edward going? Is he in trouble? Is Edward ever going to see Abilene again? To find out read this adventurous book.

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title: Leap Day

author: Wendy Mass

Josie was born on February 29, Leap Day, and now she's sixteen. Technically it's her fourth birthday because Leap Day only comes once every four years. Josie can't wait until tonight because when you turn sixteen, your friends throw you a huge party at "The Lake". She also can't wait until she leaves school because she's taking her driver's test. As she's getting ready for school Rob, Josie's brother, yells through the bathroom door for her to hurry up. When she opens the door she finds her parents and brother standing right in the middle of the hallway. On the door knob was a balloon that read "Happy Sweet Sixteen". When Josie walks in her room she notices something under her extra pillow. She walks up to it and finds a car key to "The Shark", an old gray van. As she's jumping up and down screaming in excitement, Rob watches from the doorway. After she's done he asks her if she wants a ride to school. Usually he drives his friends to school but he figures he could be nice since it's her birthday. As usual Josie takes the bus with her friends. When she walks into class she notices that the board says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIE". As she's waiting for the period to end she remembers that she didn't give the note to the office about her leaving early for her test. Josie starts to get nervous as the time comes for the driver's test. Read "Leap Day" to see if Josie passes the test and what happens during the party at "The Lake". This is an amusing book and one of the best that I have ever read.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

title:Maniac Magee

author: Jerry Spinelli

One ordinary day in the summer the biggest trolley crash happened. The P & W Trolley crashed because the motorman was drunk. He took the high trestle over the Schuylkill River right into the water. Jeffrey Magee's parents were on the trolley and no one survived the crash. Jeffrey now has to live with Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot who he hates. Jeffrey got his nickname Maniac when he was young because he was always running. Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan hated each other, that's why they needed two of everything. Maniac hated that so much he left their house. Maniac heard about the Cobbils knot and if you can untie the knot they will give you a free pizza. Maniac was able to untie the knot. He won the pizza and scarfed it down quickly. but he was very allergic to it. Maniac met Amanda Beal She was so nice to Maniac that she took him to her house. Amanda and Maniac were so close that they were almost family. One day they got into a very big fight. Maniac met Grayson when he was running away. Grayson took Maniac to dinner, bought him new clothes and his favorite butterscotch crimpets. Grayson also bought books so Maniac can teach Grayson how to read. Grayson and Maniac went to the Thanksgiving dinner at the homeless shelter. Grayson and Maniac moved to a apartment, but seven days later Grayson died. Amanda saw Maniac on the street and offered him to live with her and her family once again. Amanda and her family raised Maniac until he was old enough to live on his own. Will Maniac be able to survive by himself? Will he need help from his friends. This is an inspiring book for everyone to read.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

title: City of Ember

author: DuPrau

In a underground city lived two young friends called Doon and Lina. At the age of twelve they get jobs. They don't like their new jobs, so Lina and Doon switch with each other. So now Doon works in the pipeworks factory and Lina works as a messenger. Lina has to send messages to people. If Lina gets the message right she gets 25 cents for each one. Lina also has to take care of her sister Poppy. Lizze, Lina's friend, knows that the mayor is stealing food and giving the leftovers to the people in the underground city. Lina tells the guards about it. Lina thinks there is another city above them. Doon,on the other hand, finds a special door in the pipeworks' factory. Doon and Lina go through the door and finds matches and boats. When they go back to the city, they find out the guards are looking for them for spreading rumors about the mayor. Lina grabs Poppy and goes back to the hidden door. Will Doon, Lina, and Poppy make it to the new city? This is a great mystery book.

Thank you,

title: The Dead of the Night

author: John Marsden

After Ellie found out that her town was invaded, they found their friend from school named Chris. Chris always wrote poems in his notebook at school. He also was one of the smartest kids in school. When Ellie found Chris she told him to come with them. They all headed for their campsite. On the way back they stopped at a couple of houses to get food and supplies. At the campsite Chris started writing in his notebook. Homer and Robyn were making pens to hold the lambs. Later that night they all had lamb for dinner. They sat around the fire and talked about their next attack. They planned to blow up all the houses on Tuner Street. Tuner Street was where the invaders kept their head quarters and where half their people stayed. Lee told everybody to get a toaster. Everybody left and came back ten minutes later. They all went to a house and turned on every gas stove and heater they found. Using the toasters' heat they blew up all the houses. Half an hour later the whole street blew up and caught on fire. This book is the second book in the Tomorrow Series. This is a adventurous and thrilling book.

Thank you,

title: Tomorrow When the War Began

author: John Marsden

One day a girl named Ellie lived in a small town called Wirrawee. Ellie asked her parents if she can go on a camping trip with her friends for a week. Ellie's parents said yes if she brings at least five friends. Ellie called Robyn, Lee, Fi, Homer, Kevin, and Corrie. All her friends’ parents said they can go on the camping trip. Elli also asked her dad if she can take the Land Rover since it has the most room for all the camping bags and food. Her dad said she can take the car but she is the only one who can drive it. Ellie and all her friends got the Land Rover packed up and ready to go the next day at her house. They all headed off for the mountains to a placed called Hell. At Hell there lived a man, his wife, and their three month old child. The man killed his family and left to a different country and no one has seen him since. They all got their bags and headed into Hell. They walked till they found a big open spot to stay at. They unpacked their bags and got ready for dinner. All week that they were camping they slept, talked, and swam in the lake. They got their bags ready and headed back to their houses. When they got back to Ellie’s house there was no one home and her three puppies were dead. There was no power in her house. Ellie soon found out that nobody was in town. There were army people walking around the town. They were wearing different uniforms then the Country’s. Ellie found out that the town was invaded. Read this awesome, adventurous, and mysterious book. Also find out what happened to the people in town.

Thank you,

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Book: Rhymes and Reasons
pages: 234-239 "Daniel Craig"