Monday, February 25, 2008

title: The Big Book of Horror; 21 Tales to Make You Tremble

author: a collection of authors

This book is about stories of horror written by many authors such as Edger Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, and William Hope Hodgson. You will find stories of death, disease, and evil. My favorite story is Sir Dominick’s Bargain, written by Sheridan Le Fanu. This short story is about Sir Dominick, who becomes in debt and owes a large sum of money. A good friend of Sir Dominick tells him a legend. If you go in the forest at night the devil offers you money, but makes you sign a paper that has ancient writing on it. Nevertheless, Sir Dominick was very desperate and in need of money, so he went into the forest to make a deal with the devil. To find out what happens next read the rest of this scary and disturbing book.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Book - Rhymes And Reasons
page 25 - "Who's Afraid"

Kody Poem wav

Kody Poem mp3

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

title: Skateboard Tough

author: Matt Christopher

Brett, a kid in Springtown, is trying to get the town to build a skate park. Brett writes a letter to the newspaper. He is skateboarding on the sidewalk because it’s illegal to skateboard in the street. Everyone is mad that he and his friends are skateboarding on the side walks. Then Brett gets a phone call to know if they’re getting a skate park. Brett’s mother, father, and sister thought it was a terrific idea. Brett’s father and mother are on the town committee and his parents voted yes. Brett doesn’t know everybody else voted yes or no. Read this book to find out if the town gets a skate park.

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title: Suddenly Supernatural School Spirit

author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Kat’s Mother is a medium, a person who sees spirits. On Kat’s thirteenth birthday she starts to see them also. Kat and Jac are working on a history project in the library, when a book falls off the shelf. When they put it back, it falls off again. As Kat is flipping through the pages, she notices a picture of a girl who is holding a flute. She reads the name Suzanne Bennis. Kat read that Suzanne had died as a senior in high school in 1960. After they were done with the book, Kat saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was a figure which happens to look just like Suzanne Bennis. She was holding a flute just like the girl in the picture. Was this Suzanne or was Kat seeing things? Should she try to help the spirit or just run? Read “Suddenly Supernatural School Spirit” to enjoy this chilling yet exciting book.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Positive Parents/Guardians Reflections

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your children have been writing beautifully and have written some wonderful thoughts this week. If you could take a few moments, please read their posts below and if you wish, leave your own comments. This is strictly optional, don't feel obligated.

Thank you. Mr. Thatcher

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Follow-Up Postings to 02/11/08 Assignment

My brother Kyle is special to me because Kyle and I go trail riding in my brother's 4x4 truck. My brother has a paintball gun, he does not let me use it but I still love him. My brother and I also go to Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. My brother Kyle is special to me.

by: Kody

My Pop Pop is special to me because when I was growing up he was always there for me. I loved him very much. He would always remember to bring home a gift for me every time he goes on a trip. He knew that I was shy and he would tell me not to be afraid and do the thing I really wanted. He also helped me with my homework every night. I leaned a lot from my Pop Pop and I miss him very much. I think of him now as my guardian angel. I know he is sill there for me. I will never forget my Pop Pop.


My grandmom is special to me because she makes me cookies. My grandmom is nice, kind, and happy when I see her. I love to go to my grandmom's to see all my friends. I used to live in my grandmom's neighborhood. There was a huge park right in front of my house. It was great living in my old house.

by: Marcus

My mom is special to me because she takes good care of me. My mom is special because she helps me do some things in the house. My mom takes me places. She makes me all kinds of foods. She loves to play with me all of the time. She also likes to play board games with me. My mom does a lot of things for me.

by: Cassie

My mom is special to me because she is what makes me happy. I love my mom very much. I always like it when I come home from school. I like to hug her when I get home from school because I missed her. I know that she loves me a lot.

by: Dan

My Mom is special to me because she was always there for me. She always helps me with anything I need help with. My mom loves to ride just like me. My Mom likes to hunt like me too. My Mom likes the same music I do.

by: JC

My Mom is special to me because when I am sick she takes care of me, I love my mom because she always makes sure that I have food in the morning, I love my mom because when I feel bad she cheers me up, I love my mom because she can be a mom and a good friend.

by: Kyle

My mom is special to me because she likes music and brings me to places. My mom takes care of me and lets me go over my friends' house all the time. My mom gets me lots of stuff for my birthday and Christmas, she does not make me do chores.

by: Andrew

My Uncle Jesse is special to me because he takes me places. Sometimes I get to spend time with him all day. My uncle is special because he loves spending time with me and hanging out. Sometimes he picks me up when camp is over during the summer.

by: Ashlee

My Mom is special to me because she is always there for me. She's a great cook and has good taste in cloths. My mom is also very protective and gives me great tips. I don't now what I would ever do without her. Some kids have lost their moms and I don't know how they could live. That's why my mom is special to me.

by: Shaina

My mother and father are special to me because they do so many things for me that they don't have to do. They like to take me to races, buy me new dirt bikes and much more. I'm so thankful that I have loving and caring parents.

by: Steven H.

Monday, February 11, 2008

02/11/08 Homework Assignment

Fifty words

My ____________ is special to me because.........................

Thursday, February 7, 2008

title: The Music of Dolphins

author: Karen Hesse

This book I read is very weird. This book is about a little girl. This little girl lives in a hospital because she was on a plane with her mom and dad and got lost at sea. The little girl did not see her mom or dad after that plane crash. Someone found her and got her out of the sea. She was brought to the Boston Hospital. The girl's name is Milla. When Milla was lost at sea dolphins came to her. Since Milla was a little girl she still remembers about the dolphins. She always talks about them. She always talks about the sounds they make. When Milla went to the hospital she met a girl name Sandy. Sandy and Milla were best friends. They talked about the things they like. Milla always talks about dolphins. Milla wanted to go to in the water with Sandy because that was another thing she liked to do. To find out if Milla goes back in the sea, read this book.

Thank you,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

title: The Music of Dolphins

author: Karen Hesse

This is a weird story. This is a story about a little girl who was riding a plane and was lost at sea. The Coast Guard came and looked for survivors and they found one survivor. The Coast Guard came and picked Mila up and took her to a hospital. The doctor’s name was Doctor Beck. Doctor Beck was very nice. Doctor Beck made a deal with the government for Mila to stay with them. The hospital Mila lives in is in Boston. Mila met a girl named Sandy. Sandy is a very nice girl to Mila. Mila remembers the dolphin family she was with. Mila talks about the noises the dolphins made. Doctor Beck let Mila listen to some tapes. The tapes are about the dolphins noises. Mila loves to hear the noises. Read this story to find if Mila goes back to the sea.

Thank you,

title: A Taste for Rabbit

author: Linda Zuckerman

In the town of Stonehaven lives Harry Fox. Harry's little brother Isaac is in need of food and so is the town. Isaac offers to pay Harry to spy on a group of rabbits living behind a wall. Behind those walls lives Quentin Rabbit, Quentin, Frank, and Zack go to a cafe where they talk about a number of disappearances of rabbits. Soon after Quentin goes back to his home to meet up with Frank and Zack, Zack is the first to arrive. A while later Frank comes busting through the door saying that his family is missing. Frank said that he was going to jump the wall to go find his family, Quentin tried to convince Frank not to jump but there was no stopping him. So Quentin and Zack jumped with Frank to make sure that he doesn't get hurt. Meanwhile Harry stays at The Forest Inn, where he bumped into a weasel named Gerard. Gerard decided to talk to Harry, He asked where Harry was going. Harry responded with '' I am going to go in search of rabbits''. To find out want happens to Harry and Quentin, read this excellent book.

Thank you,

title: Clubbing

author: Andi Watson

Charlotte and her boyfriend Howard, a groundskeeper, are on a life and death misson. They are trying to figure out who murdered a person and why he or she dumped the body in the lake on the golf course. Charlotte and Howard find mysterious coins on the ground. Charlotte looks up information on the computer about symbols from the coins. She figures out the murderer’s secrets. Charlotte and Howard work together to bring the murderer to justice. Charlottes’ boyfriend suspects that it was her Grandfather who killed someone. This is a strange "graphic" novel. Read "Clubbing" to find out who the murderer is and what happens to Charlotte and Howard.

Thank you,

title: There's a Bat in Bunk Five

author: Paula Danziger

This story is about Marcy and how she hates her father and how she wishes she was at camp. Marcy is getting ready to go to camp but she's already homesick. Marcy arrived at camp. She met so many new people at camp. Marcy got introduced to her bunk and all the people in the bunk. There was this one girl that always wanted to go hiking. There’s a new girl and her name is Ginger. No one likes Ginger so someone put a marshmallow in her hair. It is only Ginger's first day. Marcy and Ted sneaked out to see each other. Ted is taking Marcy on a date to Woodstock. Some one is playing pranks on all of the people at camp and no one knows who is doing it. There is a bat in bunk five and Marcy had to get rid of it. Marcy was so afraid of the bat because she thought that it was a vampire. In the morning, they saw a letter saying Ginger has run away. The whole camp was looking for Ginger and they finally found her. Marcy finally realized why Ginger had left .Ginger left because no one was nice to her. Ginger was the person playing pranks on all the people at camp. It was finally time to go home at the end of the summer. It was a fun and an exciting summer for most of the campers.

Thank you,