Tuesday, October 23, 2007

title: Slumber party

author: Pike, Christopher

A group of six teenage girls, best friends in high school, go on a ski trip. Nell invites them to stay at her family’s winter ski lodge during the trip. About ten years have passed since their first slumber party together. Dana had held the party at her house. During the party they did a séance with an Ouija board. While having the séance, Nichole, Nell’s little sister, knocks over one of the candles in the circle. As the flames rose from the carpet Nichole caught fire. When the fire was out Nichole was pronounced dead. Ten years after Nicole died, Nell decided to have a get-together with her friends at her family’s ski lodge. Nell has different plans for the slumber party. While on one of the ski trails Dana disappears. Everyone, not knowing where Dana is, blame each other. A chilling mystery, unravel the many twists and turns of this breathtaking story.

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Anonymous said...

This book sounds great. It sounds like a thriller . I will defently check the book out. Its spine tingling . Keep up the great work Shaina. Ashlee

Anonymous said...

Sounds suspenseful, thrilling. What a good review, can't wait to hear more.
Mrs. P