Friday, December 7, 2007

title: Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Poe

author: James Howe

In a pleasant little town there was a family called the Monroes. The Monroes are a normal family except for their pets, Harold and Howie the dogs, Chester the cat and Bunnicula. Bunnicula is a vegetable juice sucking vampire bunny. Pete Monroe sends a fan letter to his favorite writer M.T. Graves. Everything is fine until Pete receives back a note saying that M.T.Graves is coming to visit the Monroes. Chester becomes suspicious of the writer. M.T. Graves. He goes on the computer and discovers that Graves’s favorite animal is the piranha because it leaves no evidence. M.T. Graves comes to the Monroe’s home with his pet Edger Allan Crow. Bunnicula is missing. Chester says that Graves and Edger took Bunnicula. Harold and Howie think Chester is going crazy. Will Harold, Howie, and Chester find Bunnicula in time? Is M.T. Graves hiding something? To find out read this awesome mystery book.

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Anonymous said...

Good review,Kyle. You wonder if M.T. Graves and his crow may be why Bunnicula is missing. This sounds like a fun book to read.
Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Great review kyle. I read the first Bunnicula book and its was cool. But this book sounds great with your review. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This book is by far the best book ever you are the coolest kid in the world. Keep the extermly awsome work up. you are so cool kyle.


Mrs. D. said...

Good work Kyle. Keep reading and writing. Mrs. D.