Thursday, April 10, 2008

Positive Daniel Comments


Anonymous said...

Dan is one of the most positive students in our class. He always works well and does his school work. He also helps out other students with their academic. Keep up the good work Dan.


Anonymous said...

Dan is nice to a lot of people. He says good thinigs. He also likes to talk a lot to people.Dan does a lot of things for people.Dan is a good person.


Anonymous said...

I think Dan is a kind person. Dan helps other kids in school with their work. Dan also is a very smart kid.


Anonymous said...

Daniel is nice to people in the classroom and the hallway. Daniel is nice to teachers and principals.


Anonymous said...

Dan is a nice person because if
I need help in Social Studies he will help me. He is very kind to me.


Anonymous said...

Dan, you're my best friend. I heard you run track, I hope you're doing great with that. Keep up the great work.

Kody man

Anonymous said...

Daniel is a good boy and he helps poeple when they are stuck on something and he helps people with their spelling.


Anonymous said...

Dan is a nice caring boy who is always concerned with everyone else and if they are okay or not.


Anonymous said...

Dan is postive because he helps other people with studying spelling. He comes to school with a positive mood. Dan is nice to everybody in the class. Dan volunteers to help other students with things.