Thursday, April 17, 2008

Positive Kody Comments


Anonymous said...

Kody is a kind person, he never complains about any thing.He always laugh to cheer you up if you are upset about something.And all together he is a good kid.


Anonymous said...

Kody you are cool and fun and you make cassie laugh. Kody you work very hard on your work keep on rockin dude.

Anonymous said...

Kody is a funny kid. He always does things for me. He works hard in school. Kody loves to do cool things with me. He also likes to read with me. Kody is a very nice kid. Kody is my best freind.


Anonymous said...

Kody is nice to people all in the school and nice to teachers and classmates. Kody is nice to his friend. Kody is nice to principal.


Anonymous said...

Kody is a kind student in school. Kody also is a very very smart kid.
Kody is a great kid to hang out with, and he all ways makes me laough.


Anonymous said...

Kody, you are a special young man. You always have a smile for everyone and are very helpful to all.

Mrs. P