Thursday, March 6, 2008

title: City of Ember

author: DuPrau

In a underground city lived two young friends called Doon and Lina. At the age of twelve they get jobs. They don't like their new jobs, so Lina and Doon switch with each other. So now Doon works in the pipeworks factory and Lina works as a messenger. Lina has to send messages to people. If Lina gets the message right she gets 25 cents for each one. Lina also has to take care of her sister Poppy. Lizze, Lina's friend, knows that the mayor is stealing food and giving the leftovers to the people in the underground city. Lina tells the guards about it. Lina thinks there is another city above them. Doon,on the other hand, finds a special door in the pipeworks' factory. Doon and Lina go through the door and finds matches and boats. When they go back to the city, they find out the guards are looking for them for spreading rumors about the mayor. Lina grabs Poppy and goes back to the hidden door. Will Doon, Lina, and Poppy make it to the new city? This is a great mystery book.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew,you have been reading a lot of your book. You have also been working hard. This book review sounds interesting to read.Keep the good work up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew. I enjoyed reading your review. Is this book set in the future? Would you want to live in an underground city? Nice work!
-Mrs. Schorr