Thursday, March 6, 2008

title: Tomorrow When the War Began

author: John Marsden

One day a girl named Ellie lived in a small town called Wirrawee. Ellie asked her parents if she can go on a camping trip with her friends for a week. Ellie's parents said yes if she brings at least five friends. Ellie called Robyn, Lee, Fi, Homer, Kevin, and Corrie. All her friends’ parents said they can go on the camping trip. Elli also asked her dad if she can take the Land Rover since it has the most room for all the camping bags and food. Her dad said she can take the car but she is the only one who can drive it. Ellie and all her friends got the Land Rover packed up and ready to go the next day at her house. They all headed off for the mountains to a placed called Hell. At Hell there lived a man, his wife, and their three month old child. The man killed his family and left to a different country and no one has seen him since. They all got their bags and headed into Hell. They walked till they found a big open spot to stay at. They unpacked their bags and got ready for dinner. All week that they were camping they slept, talked, and swam in the lake. They got their bags ready and headed back to their houses. When they got back to Ellie’s house there was no one home and her three puppies were dead. There was no power in her house. Ellie soon found out that nobody was in town. There were army people walking around the town. They were wearing different uniforms then the Country’s. Ellie found out that the town was invaded. Read this awesome, adventurous, and mysterious book. Also find out what happened to the people in town.

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Anonymous said...

Great jod Marcus this sounds like a good series of books. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Marcus, love the reviewI love the part were every body disappeared. Keep up great work.