Wednesday, March 12, 2008

title:Maniac Magee

author: Jerry Spinelli

One ordinary day in the summer the biggest trolley crash happened. The P & W Trolley crashed because the motorman was drunk. He took the high trestle over the Schuylkill River right into the water. Jeffrey Magee's parents were on the trolley and no one survived the crash. Jeffrey now has to live with Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot who he hates. Jeffrey got his nickname Maniac when he was young because he was always running. Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan hated each other, that's why they needed two of everything. Maniac hated that so much he left their house. Maniac heard about the Cobbils knot and if you can untie the knot they will give you a free pizza. Maniac was able to untie the knot. He won the pizza and scarfed it down quickly. but he was very allergic to it. Maniac met Amanda Beal She was so nice to Maniac that she took him to her house. Amanda and Maniac were so close that they were almost family. One day they got into a very big fight. Maniac met Grayson when he was running away. Grayson took Maniac to dinner, bought him new clothes and his favorite butterscotch crimpets. Grayson also bought books so Maniac can teach Grayson how to read. Grayson and Maniac went to the Thanksgiving dinner at the homeless shelter. Grayson and Maniac moved to a apartment, but seven days later Grayson died. Amanda saw Maniac on the street and offered him to live with her and her family once again. Amanda and her family raised Maniac until he was old enough to live on his own. Will Maniac be able to survive by himself? Will he need help from his friends. This is an inspiring book for everyone to read.

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Anonymous said...

Steven this is a good book review. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Steven, I enjoyed reading about Maniac. He certainly had some rough times, didn't he? Your review makes me want to go read the book! Good job!
-Mrs. Schorr