Thursday, March 13, 2008

title: Leap Day

author: Wendy Mass

Josie was born on February 29, Leap Day, and now she's sixteen. Technically it's her fourth birthday because Leap Day only comes once every four years. Josie can't wait until tonight because when you turn sixteen, your friends throw you a huge party at "The Lake". She also can't wait until she leaves school because she's taking her driver's test. As she's getting ready for school Rob, Josie's brother, yells through the bathroom door for her to hurry up. When she opens the door she finds her parents and brother standing right in the middle of the hallway. On the door knob was a balloon that read "Happy Sweet Sixteen". When Josie walks in her room she notices something under her extra pillow. She walks up to it and finds a car key to "The Shark", an old gray van. As she's jumping up and down screaming in excitement, Rob watches from the doorway. After she's done he asks her if she wants a ride to school. Usually he drives his friends to school but he figures he could be nice since it's her birthday. As usual Josie takes the bus with her friends. When she walks into class she notices that the board says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIE". As she's waiting for the period to end she remembers that she didn't give the note to the office about her leaving early for her test. Josie starts to get nervous as the time comes for the driver's test. Read "Leap Day" to see if Josie passes the test and what happens during the party at "The Lake". This is an amusing book and one of the best that I have ever read.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shaina. This is a great time for me to be reading about a birthday party since MY birthday is in 2 days (3/19). Isn't yours close to that? I am also interested in this book since I have a neice who is a Leap Day girl- so she just celebrated her third birthday. Your review is very interesting and makes me want to know how it ends.
--Mrs. Schorr

Anonymous said...

Shaina what a great review. I can't
wait to read this book and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaina, I think this really would be a great book to read. I have always wondered about people that were born on Leap Day--all of the rest or the years, do they celebrate one day early or one day late??? I bet this book was exciting for you since you too are so very close to a "sweet sixteen" party.
You did an excellent job on your book review, and expressed youself wonderfully !!!!


Anonymous said...

Shaina, awesome review. I must read this story I love this story .


Anonymous said...

Great job Shaina on your book review. This sounds like a interseting book. I can't wait to read your next one. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Shaina 's book sounded very interesting. I may read it over the summer.