Thursday, February 7, 2008

title: The Music of Dolphins

author: Karen Hesse

This book I read is very weird. This book is about a little girl. This little girl lives in a hospital because she was on a plane with her mom and dad and got lost at sea. The little girl did not see her mom or dad after that plane crash. Someone found her and got her out of the sea. She was brought to the Boston Hospital. The girl's name is Milla. When Milla was lost at sea dolphins came to her. Since Milla was a little girl she still remembers about the dolphins. She always talks about them. She always talks about the sounds they make. When Milla went to the hospital she met a girl name Sandy. Sandy and Milla were best friends. They talked about the things they like. Milla always talks about dolphins. Milla wanted to go to in the water with Sandy because that was another thing she liked to do. To find out if Milla goes back in the sea, read this book.

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Anonymous said...

Cassie the review was so good I can not wait to read this book. I didn't have to read the book the review told my the whole story.