Wednesday, February 6, 2008

title: There's a Bat in Bunk Five

author: Paula Danziger

This story is about Marcy and how she hates her father and how she wishes she was at camp. Marcy is getting ready to go to camp but she's already homesick. Marcy arrived at camp. She met so many new people at camp. Marcy got introduced to her bunk and all the people in the bunk. There was this one girl that always wanted to go hiking. There’s a new girl and her name is Ginger. No one likes Ginger so someone put a marshmallow in her hair. It is only Ginger's first day. Marcy and Ted sneaked out to see each other. Ted is taking Marcy on a date to Woodstock. Some one is playing pranks on all of the people at camp and no one knows who is doing it. There is a bat in bunk five and Marcy had to get rid of it. Marcy was so afraid of the bat because she thought that it was a vampire. In the morning, they saw a letter saying Ginger has run away. The whole camp was looking for Ginger and they finally found her. Marcy finally realized why Ginger had left .Ginger left because no one was nice to her. Ginger was the person playing pranks on all the people at camp. It was finally time to go home at the end of the summer. It was a fun and an exciting summer for most of the campers.

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Great job Steven. I can't wait to read your next review you write. Keep up the good work.