Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Follow-Up Postings to 02/11/08 Assignment

My brother Kyle is special to me because Kyle and I go trail riding in my brother's 4x4 truck. My brother has a paintball gun, he does not let me use it but I still love him. My brother and I also go to Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat. My brother Kyle is special to me.

by: Kody

My Pop Pop is special to me because when I was growing up he was always there for me. I loved him very much. He would always remember to bring home a gift for me every time he goes on a trip. He knew that I was shy and he would tell me not to be afraid and do the thing I really wanted. He also helped me with my homework every night. I leaned a lot from my Pop Pop and I miss him very much. I think of him now as my guardian angel. I know he is sill there for me. I will never forget my Pop Pop.


My grandmom is special to me because she makes me cookies. My grandmom is nice, kind, and happy when I see her. I love to go to my grandmom's to see all my friends. I used to live in my grandmom's neighborhood. There was a huge park right in front of my house. It was great living in my old house.

by: Marcus

My mom is special to me because she takes good care of me. My mom is special because she helps me do some things in the house. My mom takes me places. She makes me all kinds of foods. She loves to play with me all of the time. She also likes to play board games with me. My mom does a lot of things for me.

by: Cassie

My mom is special to me because she is what makes me happy. I love my mom very much. I always like it when I come home from school. I like to hug her when I get home from school because I missed her. I know that she loves me a lot.

by: Dan

My Mom is special to me because she was always there for me. She always helps me with anything I need help with. My mom loves to ride just like me. My Mom likes to hunt like me too. My Mom likes the same music I do.

by: JC

My Mom is special to me because when I am sick she takes care of me, I love my mom because she always makes sure that I have food in the morning, I love my mom because when I feel bad she cheers me up, I love my mom because she can be a mom and a good friend.

by: Kyle

My mom is special to me because she likes music and brings me to places. My mom takes care of me and lets me go over my friends' house all the time. My mom gets me lots of stuff for my birthday and Christmas, she does not make me do chores.

by: Andrew

My Uncle Jesse is special to me because he takes me places. Sometimes I get to spend time with him all day. My uncle is special because he loves spending time with me and hanging out. Sometimes he picks me up when camp is over during the summer.

by: Ashlee

My Mom is special to me because she is always there for me. She's a great cook and has good taste in cloths. My mom is also very protective and gives me great tips. I don't now what I would ever do without her. Some kids have lost their moms and I don't know how they could live. That's why my mom is special to me.

by: Shaina

My mother and father are special to me because they do so many things for me that they don't have to do. They like to take me to races, buy me new dirt bikes and much more. I'm so thankful that I have loving and caring parents.

by: Steven H.


Anonymous said...

Marcus, great post. It sounds like your grandmom is a great person. I think you did a excellent job. Your grandmom must love you very much. Keep up the awesome work.


Anonymous said...

I think Steven's is a very good post because he loves his parents.
His parents do a lot for him. Stevens mom and dad take good care
of him.


Anonymous said...

Steven's post was nice. I can tell how much he cares about his parents and how his parents care about him. It is really nice that his parents do all those nice things for him. Keep up the great posting.


Anonymous said...

Great job everyone. I think these are great things to write about your families. I'm sure that if they saw this it would be the best thing they ever saw. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Joe, a nice thing to say about your mom. It is cool to know your mom is always there for you. She likes to ride quads like you do.


Anonymous said...

I like Kody's blog because I wish I had a brother that did that.I only have a sister that does nothing but complains.


Anonymous said...

I like Joe's comment because it was sincere. It sounds like it came from the heart and it was well written. Over all, I think that Joe is doing well when it comes to writing .


Anonymous said...

I think Marcus's post is very good because my grandmom loves to make cookies too. She also gives me money.


Anonymous said...

I like Marcus's post because he says nice things about his grandma.
I like the part when he said that when he goes to his grandma's house, his grandma is nice, kind, and happy.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Kyle's story is very nice. I also like the fact that his mom takes care of Kyle when he is sick. I think Kyle has a wonderful mother.


Anonymous said...

Students, I loved reading these messages. While most family members deep down know how you feel about them, it's especially nice to hear it or read it. Try to remember to tell them often!

Keep on writing! Your work is very interesting and informative.
--Mrs. Schorr