Wednesday, February 6, 2008

title: A Taste for Rabbit

author: Linda Zuckerman

In the town of Stonehaven lives Harry Fox. Harry's little brother Isaac is in need of food and so is the town. Isaac offers to pay Harry to spy on a group of rabbits living behind a wall. Behind those walls lives Quentin Rabbit, Quentin, Frank, and Zack go to a cafe where they talk about a number of disappearances of rabbits. Soon after Quentin goes back to his home to meet up with Frank and Zack, Zack is the first to arrive. A while later Frank comes busting through the door saying that his family is missing. Frank said that he was going to jump the wall to go find his family, Quentin tried to convince Frank not to jump but there was no stopping him. So Quentin and Zack jumped with Frank to make sure that he doesn't get hurt. Meanwhile Harry stays at The Forest Inn, where he bumped into a weasel named Gerard. Gerard decided to talk to Harry, He asked where Harry was going. Harry responded with '' I am going to go in search of rabbits''. To find out want happens to Harry and Quentin, read this excellent book.

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Anonymous said...

Kyle 's book really does sound very interesting and exciting i really thick I would enjoy reading this book to see what did happen when they jumped the wall.

Jackie L.