Thursday, January 31, 2008

title: The Fire Within

author: Chris D'Lacey

One day a boy named David was looking for a room to stay at while he went to college. The house he finds was full of clay dragons. The owner was a nice lady named Liz Pennykettle and her daughter Lucy. Liz and Lucy make clay dragons and sells them at the market on the weekends. Lucy tells David all about Conker. Conker is a squirrel that has a badly scratched eye. David finds out that a huge black crow clawed Conker's eye. Liz tells David that Lucy's birthday is next week. David writes Lucy a story about squirrels since she loves them. Liz gives David a clay dragon that is holding a pencil and a pad of paper. David names the dragon Gadzookie. Liz tells David he must love the dragon or it will die. David gives Liz a funny look and she walks away. It was raining that day so David started writing Lucy's story. The door bell rang and a girl named Stephanie from the Wild Life Center came and asked about Conker. Stephanie gives David her phone number and tells him to call her. Read this awesome mysterious, adventure book. Find out if Conker lives and also find out if David goes out with Stephanie.

Thank you, Marcus

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Anonymous said...

Great job Marcus. I love how you always choose great books to read and write about. Keep up the awesome work.