Monday, January 14, 2008

title: A Long Way from Chicago

author: Richard Peck

Every summer Joe and Mary leave Chicago to go live with Grandma in her old farm house. It is always exciting and fun at grandma's house. One summer, Grandma thinks ShotGun Cheatham, who had died, moved in his casket. She got her twelve-gauge double-barreled Winchester model 21 and shot at him, but it was really Grandma's cat. Once Grandma, Mary, and Joey went fishing. Grandma stole a boat to fish. Joey fainted because a snake fell in the boat, he was always afraid of snakes. Grandma was rowing down the river when we saw O.B.Dickerson and all of his friends hammered drunk and half naked. They were partying on the shore with beer bottles everywhere. Another time Grandma was getting ready for the town's pie contest. Joe and Mary had to pick gooseberries for Grandma's pie. Grandma, Mary, and Joe went to the pie contest and dropped off Grandma's pie. Grandma switched her pie with Rupert Pennypacer because she thought his was better. Grandma lost the contest. If she didn't switch her pie with Rupert she would have won the contest. As Mary, Joe, And Grandma got older they started their new lives. Joe joined the Army, Mary married Ray Veech, a old friend from Grandma's town. Grandma is still up to the same old, same old ways. Mary and Joe always will have great memories of the summers spent with Grandma. This is an amusing and a humorous novel. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes comical stories

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Anonymous said...

Great job Steven! This sounds like a awsome book and with your review it sounds even better. Kepp up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Steven your review is very interesting the Grandmother sounds like she's a crazy mental person.

Keep up the fantastic work.


Anonymous said...

Steven, the review is so good I could not stop reading it again and again. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Steven,Love the book review. I'd love to read the book some time.