Monday, January 7, 2008

title: Shamer's Signet (Book 2)

author: Lene Kaaberbol

A twelve year old girl named Dina lives on a small farm. Dina has a gift that allows her to put shame on people by looking them in the eyes. One day Dina and her mother went out on their horses. A man named Ivain Laclan lead Dina and her mother through the mountains. They were lead in to a huge ambush of mean people. Dina’s mother is shot in the shoulder with a bow and arrow. Leading her mother into the thick woods,
they find a magical tree that heals wounds. They hide in the hole under the mysterious tree. Dina goes back to the house to tell everybody what happen to her mother. The next day Davin, Dina’s big brother, battles Ivain Laclan with swords. Read this great book to find out if Davin and his mother survive.

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Awsome job Marcus. I can always count on you for a great review. Kepp up the good work.