Monday, January 7, 2008

title: Shamer's Daughter (Book 1)

author: Lene Kaaberbol

Dina, a ten year old girl, lives in a poor village called Cherry Tree Cottage. No one in Cherry Tree Cottage can look Dina in the eyes. Dina has a unusual gift. Her gift lets her see all the shameful things anyone has done. Dina has no friends that will look or talk to her. One stormy night, a tall man on a huge horse brought a letter for Dina’s mother. Her mother reads the wet wrinkle piece of paper and dashes out the door with the tall man. As she’s leaving, Dina’s mother promises her that she will be back by sunrise. Dina went to bed and when she woke up her mother was not there. Read this great book to see what happens to Dina and her mother. This is an on the edge of your chair kind of book.

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Great job Marcus! I love your reviews.Can't wait to see more.