Friday, January 11, 2008

title: There's a Bat in Bunk Five

author: Paula Danziger

One day a 10 year old girl named Marcy was going away to camp. Marcy wants to be a writer at camp. She is going to Camp Serenity. Camp Serenity is a summer camp. Their bunk number is five. Marcy met up with some guy named Ted. Marcy and Ted are going on a date to the movies, dinner and Woodstock, which is a store. Marcy met a girl named Corrine, who turned out to be very friendly. They all had a bunk meeting about the camp fair. After that they all went to bed. Marcy heard someone scream there's a bat in bunk five! Marcy and Ted ran over to bunk five and asked what had happened. Ted took the broom and wacked the bat down. They planned a funeral to bury the bat. There is going to be a skit for the talent show at the fair. Marcy is running a cotton candy machine at the fair and is going to play some games. The games are basketball, spin the bottle, and the dunking booth game. When everybody got back to their bunk they notice that Ginger had run away. What happened to Ginger? Read this fabulous book to find out what happens to Ginger and the campers at Bunk Five.

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Kody This sounds like a good book I'm glad I'm reading this noval too.