Friday, January 11, 2008

title: There's a Bat in Bunk Five

author: Paula Danziger

Marcy a young girl is getting ready to go to a camp. She is going to a summer camp. She wants to become a CIT and a writer at camp. The camp's name is Camp Serenity. Marcy went to camp and met a girl name Corrine. Corrine and Marcy started to clean their bunk. After that Marcy went outside and met a lot of other kids. Two days later at camp Marcy meet a boy name Ted. Ted and Marcy were best friends. That night all of the kids went to a bunk meeting. When the meeting was over they went back to their bunks. One kid screamed there's a bat in bunk five. Marcy jumped out of her bed and ran outside. Ted grabbed a broom and whacked the bat. Ted killed the bat. The kids in bunk five said we should give the bat a funeral. All of the kids buried the bat and went to bed. The next morning Marcy said to her friends we
should have a carnival to cheer the kids up because of the bat. Corrine and some of the kids clean up camp for the carnival. At the carnival there is going to be a lot of games. The carnival will be soon for the kids. All of the kids are exited for Saturday. The carnival, the carnival, screamed a kid. All of the kids woke up and start playing games. After the carnival was over, everyone went back to their bunks. Ginger, Marcy's friend, ran away from camp. Ted and Marcy looked for her. To find out if Ted or Marcy finds Ginger, read this book

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Anonymous said...

Cassie I think this a very interesting book. Especially the part when the kids ran away from camp .

Keep up the SUPER work.

Anonymous said...

This book sounds really cool. I can't wait for the next story.