Monday, January 7, 2008

title: The Shamer's War (book 4)

author: Lene Kaaberbol

One day two guys named Nico and Davin were training with their swords in the barn. Davin thinks Nico is planning to kill his half brother Drakan. Drakan has a army of ten thousand men and ten dragons. Nico wants to stop him before he takes over the high lands. Drakan uses his huge, hungry dragons to eat people that do not work for him. When Nico, Davin, and his sisters Dina and Rose go to Ferness to get supplies, Davin hears Nico talking to a person called The Crow. He owns one of the fastest ships in Ferness. Drakan is offering one hundred gold markers for Nico's head. Nico found out that Davin and his best friend Black Arsh made a bomb. Davin and Black Arsh put the bomb on top of the mountain above the king of dragons. The bomb blew up the snow and rocks on top of the mountain and fell. Almost half of Drakan's army and his most prized dragon die. Nico and Drakan walk into The Ring of Iron made out of swords and they began to battle. Read this great book to find out if Drakan succeeds in taking over the high lands. This is an adventurous and thrilling action book.

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Great job Marcus! I love your review. This sounds like a great book and with your review it sounds even better. Keep up the great work.